Located on a scenic bend on the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar (Burma), Bagan is an enigma. Marco Polo called it, “one of the finest sights in the world” and I have to humbly agree. At its height Bagan’s various rulers called for over 4,000 Buddhist temples to be built and of that number over 2,200 still exist in varying states. First settled in the 10th Century Bagan was host to a virtual building frenzy until Kubli Khan’s Mongols ransacked the city at the end of the 13th Century. However, centuries of war, looting, neglect and earthquakes have not managed to extinguish the magnificence of this unforgettable vision on the plains of central Burma.


Sunrise at Bagan

Sunrise at Bagan


Balloons Over Bagan

Every Morning Dozens of Balloons Take Flight Over Bagan

Exploring by Horse and Carriage

To Me, the Best Way to See the Temples is by Horse and Carriage

Empty Temple in Bagan

Tour Buses Are Too Big to See Some of the Smaller Temples

Crowded Temple in Bagan

Some of the Large Temple Are Magnificent but Very Crowded

Quiet Temple in Bagan

And There Is Nothing T0 Compare With Seeing An Ancient Temple Alone

Sunlight Streaming in to a Temple in Bagan

There is Something Special About Seeing the Ancient Murals Without Crowds

Bas Relief Carvings At Bagan

And Admiring the Bas-Relief Carvings Without Being Rushed

Buddha Statues at a Temple in Bagan

It really is kind of Eerie how Well Preserved some of the Ancient Images Are

Buddha Sculptures at a Temple in Bagan

In Many Temples Even the Ancient Colors Survive

Monk in a Temple in Bagan

You Never Know What You See Around the Corner

Flowers in a Temple in Bagan

Interestingly, Many of These Temples are Still in Use Today


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