Banana Roti

Banana Roti (or rotee) always make a great finish to a night out eating street food in Thailand. It seems everywhere you turn there is another stall making these delicious treats. At a usual cost of less than a dollar, they are certainly affordable. How healthy banana roti are is probably another matter. I try not to focus on that so much.
In Thailand roti generally refers to a type of Indian wheat flatbread known as maida paratha which is very similar to naan. Instead of baking the dough is pressed and rolled and slammed into something resembling a crepe. The dough is then put on a hot griddle with butter and oil and fried to a golden brown.
Bananas, sometimes mixed with egg (my favorite) are spread across the roti dough while it is frying and eventually skillfully folded inside. The result is then covered with condensed milk and optionally chocolate syrup or Nutella.
This is the result! The finished Banana Roti is cut into pieces and you are given a sharp stick to spear the gooey pieces for eating. It sounds simple, and it is, but roti are an amazing treat.



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Author: Jonathan Look

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