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Barbacoa is a form of cooking that in contemporary Mexico refers to meat, usually, pork or beef that is either cooked over an open flame or in a maguey leaf covered pit in the ground until tender. Apparently, Barbacoa originated with the indigenous pre-Columbian in the Caribbean and has been modified into what is now known as barbeque in the United States.

I am not by any means a meat cooking historian but Barbacoa places are numerous throughout the Yucatan and this succulent prize is a fantastic alternative to the curse of fast food. It usually comes with a cluster of bowls filled with delicious, often homemade, peppery concoctions that are amazing when placed on the meat and wrapped in homemade tortillas.

I stopped with our friend Luc at this delicious place in San Felipe Carrillo on our way to the airport in Cancun. As an extra bonus, the place was across the road from a small park where a traditional Mexican band was practicing for an upcoming festival. We picked up a sidewalk table and spent a while just soaking in the atmosphere and people watching.



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Author: Jonathan Look

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