The Beer Can House in Houston, Texas is proof that when a person sets their mind to do something they can accomplish some-things. There is plenty of room for debate between reasonable people as to whether these things are worth doing but it is a clear fact, sometimes they get done.

For years I had read about and now visited the offbeat creation of John Milkovisch, a retired upholsterer for the Southern Pacific Railroad, and even now I am still uncertain about what to think when, in that rarest of moments, I think about what is now his legacy. Whether he set out to produce art, satisfy an obsessive compulsion or to simply create a veneer of legitimacy for his obvious love of beer is still not in my mind clear. I did enjoy looking around the place, seeing what you could do with a spare 50,000 beer cans and watching the brief video. I can’t say the visit actually moved me in any way but I was certainly thirsty when I left.

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