Borsang Umbrella Village

Borsang Borsang Umbrealla VillageVillageThere are a number of craft villages surrounding Chiang Mai, Thailand specializing in everything from from furniture, to housewares to sculptures. One of the most colorful ones is the Borsang, also known as the “Umbrella Village”. The techniques for making these delicate creations dates back from over a century ago when a monk, Phra In Tha, brought the knowledge back from Burma.

Borsang Umbrella Village near Chiang Mai, ThailandKnown all over the world for their beauty and quality the umbrellas are almost entirely from making the paper to painting the designs laboriously handmade.

Borsang Umbrella Village near Chiang Mai, ThailandBorsang Umbrella Village near Chiang Mai, Thailand

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