Queenstown is a city situated in the southwest of New Zealand's South Island within the boundaries of Otago, and it is the second largest population center in Otago. It was established by European settlers drawn to its location, who built homes on terraced hillsides around three very different but interconnected lakes. Let's see how much it is to live in this city (Prices are in USD).

Average Cost of Living

Queenstown is an expensive city, and it is in the top 5% of the most expensive cities in the world. It is not the most expensive city in New Zealand, but it's the 3rd. 

The average salary is USD $3345 after taxes, which should be enough to cover personal expenses for an average of 1.7 months. 

As expensive as it is, Queenstown has become known as The Adventure Capital of New Zealand for its unparalleled mountain scenery - one which attracts both international and local tourists alike, so it's definitely a must on that travel list. 

Cost of Rent in Queenstown

Rent in New Zealand is paid weekly, so don't be confused by thinking the rent is monthly as it will look much cheaper than it actually is. Housing is not abundant so you might want to look in advance if you are planning on visiting or moving to Queenstown.

You will be expected to pay around $1200 USD a month for a one bedroom apartment in the city center, or a hundred or two less for an apartment outside the city center. 

A 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished apartment in an expensive area can be $1800, or $1300 in a normal area. 

Cost of Utilities

Basic utilities for a 85m2 apartment, including electricity, cooling, water and garbage, can be around $150 USD per month for a couple in a one bedroom apartment. In a studio apartment, those bills can be around $110 USD.

Internet is between $45 and $55 USD per household.

Cost Of Groceries in Queenstown

New Zealanders are healthy and active, so finding healthy food and alternatives is easy. A full week of groceries for two people will set you back around $100 USD or more, which includes fruits and vegetables that go up in price during the winter. 

Here is a list with some rough prices for reference:

Going Out and Other Activities in Queenstown

It is common in queenstown to go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so prepare a budget for eating out.

A basic dinner for two in a normal pub is around $40 to $50 USD, and a more fancy meal with multiple courses can cost something like $80 USD. One cocktail is $10 USD and a beer $6USD.

The movies are quite expensive, with tickets normally costing $25 USD for one person.

Skiing is a popular activity in Queensland. A day pass can set you back $100, plus the gear rental which can be anything between $30 and $60. 

If you are a fan of wine, there are lots of winery tours in Queenstown and depending on what you are looking for and the length of the tour, they can go from $80 to $200.

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