Although I am able to finance most of my adventures through my retirement, sometimes travel is expensive. I enjoy seeing the world in as many styles as possible and quite honestly, without some of the sponsorship opportunities that this blog affords me, I wouldn’t be able to have and share some of the experiences that I am so fortunate to enjoy.

Since I retired the vast majority of my adventures have been self-funded and they will continue to be. However, I will occasionally partner with tourist boards, travel companies and other travel related providers that offer products and services that I think I would enjoy. These partnerships will usually only last for the length of a particular trip and the only agreement that I will make in exchange for their services is that I will mention them on the site or through social media and/or give an honest review of what they provided through postings.

My relationships will be disclosed in any post or article I write by saying something to the effect of I was, “invited by” or “a guest of” the provider. Most of the experiences that I write about or photograph, if I would have been in the position to write them, would have happened organically anyway. I will never allow a company to dictate what I write, give them veto authority over what is published or write a favorable review in exchange for one consideration or another.

Having said that I don’t plan to go to, or stay in, places that I don’t think I would enjoy or get some pleasure from. For the sake of experience, I do often put myself in situations that are uncomfortable but I would never go anywhere with advance knowledge that it is going to be undesirable (suck). If you see a favorable review of a product or place, please know that before accepting any offer, I have done some research and I am therefore expecting an enjoyable experience. If you have any questions about sponsorship please, ask.