DJI Mavic Pro Photography of Our New Neighborhood in Portugal

Drone photo of

Drone photo of “Associacão dos Amigos de Atalaia Porto Barcas” before it opened for the season

To give my photography a different perspective a few months ago I bought a new DJI Mavic Pro drone. Even though I loved my “old” DJI Phantom 2, it was occasionally a bit quirky, and it required a lot more concentration while flying. DJI Mavic Pro photography is a dream. The Phantom 2 was quite a bit larger than the Mavic Pro, I didn’t take it as many places as I wanted. I was able to make some great videos with the DJI Phantom, but, as the saying goes, “the best camera is the one you have on you,” and transporting the Phantom was a pain.

Color Reproduction is Good, but Performance is Better in Bright Light

Color Reproduction is Good, but Performance is Better in Bright Light

Because it is foldable, the Mavic Pro provides a significant leap in portability. And, because technology is so rapidly improving, to a large extent, I can take the Mavic out and concentrate on making photos and videos, instead of worrying so much about flying the drone. Although I have by no means mastered all of the technology, the increased performance of the Mavic Pro allows me to reach into places that otherwise would have been out of range, or too harrowing to attempt.

Sunset from the Drone in Atalaia

Sunset from the Drone in Atalaia

Portugal is the first place where I was able to spend much time with the Mavic. I made all of the photos in this post within a kilometer of our new home. The ocean side cliffs provide a lot of drama and, although there is usually a lot of wind, the little drone remains stable. Because the camera and the in particular lens is so small, sometimes you get a lot of noise. I have been able to eliminate a lot of this with Lightroom in post, but the clearest shots some when there is a lot of light.

A tiny

A tiny “selfie” of me photographing sunset at our house.

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