Forgotten Deep East Texas

The Collapsing Infrastructure of Forgotten Deep East Texas

The Collapsing Infrastructure of Forgotten Deep East Texas

It is widely believed that Texas has been somewhat exempt from the overall recession. It is also expected that most of Texas is somewhat immune from snowy weather. While driving on Highway 31 from Waco to Tyler a few days ago I was struck by how much of what is assumed about Texas does not fit the stereotype. Kerens and Malakoff are examples of rural towns that time and the economy appear to have forgotten. Dirt road back streets, scruffy downtowns and collapsing buildings barely hint of what were once better times. Let down by modernization, the fickle quirks of transportation routes, crushing competition of large corporations and their proud citizen’s paralyzing fear of outside influences these towns are left to slowly decay.It was a good day to photograph the unexpected in East Texas. The snow and the cold made the whole thing seem surreal.


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Author: Jonathan Look

In 2011 Jonathan Look decided to change his life and pursue adventures instead of comfort and possessions. His goal is to travel the world solo; one country at a time, one year at a time. To accomplish this he got rid of most of his possessions, packed up what little he saw as necessities and headed out. His goal is to spend ten years discovering new places, meeting new people and taking the time to learn about them, their values and their place on this tiny planet. He embraces the philosophy that says a person is the sum of their experiences and rejects the fraud of modern consumerism that makes people into slaves of their consumption. He doesn't intend to be modern day ascetic, just more mindful of his place in the world and to make decisions according to that new standard.

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