Ko Phi-Phi Don Island Thailand

Ko Phi Phi Don ThailandKo Phi-Phi Don island, just a short ferry ride from Krabi, Thailand is one of those places you dream about.  Before I retired I was only aware through books and magazines that such places as this existed. Tropical breezes, white sand beaches, inviting warm waters and cliffs that virtually jump out of the sea make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Southeast Asia.

Ko Phi Phi Don ThailandThe scenery is so unusual in places that it resembles a Salvador Dail surrealist painting or an exotic set from a James Bond movie. Oh wait, scenes from “The Man With The Golden Gun” were filmed nearby!

Sea Life at Ko Phi Phi Don ThailandDevastated by the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami the island has recovered and rebuilt.We rented a boat for the day and were able to see some of the less touristed areas. The sea was teeming with life.

Hotel on Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailandand it would have been hard to find a place to stay much closer to the beach!

Ko Phi Phi Don BeachBut alas, the dream may be slipping away. There is still some solitude to be found but the Phi Phi Island’s beauty and popularity have led to inevitable (re)development and exploitation. This place is popular because it is the location for Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie “The Beach”. It is still certainly a lovely place to visit but unless something is done to put the brakes on over-development this gem will be lost.

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Author: Jonathan Look

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