Extraordinary Lembongan Island Indonesia

Nusa Lembongan SurfNusa Lembongan or Lembongan Island is located just southeast of Bali, Indonesia in the Indian Ocean. It is accessible by speedboat from Sanur, Bali in about 30 minutes. The tiny island is surrounded by coral reefs, blindingly white sand beaches and sheer limestone cliffs. I rented a motorcycle and probably could have circumnavigated the whole island in less than an hour but around every turn the scenery just begged to be admired and photographed.

Lembongan’s economy is largely tourism based but many of the residents make their living from seaweed farming. The islands 5,000 or so residents are used to visitors and seem un-jaded, genuinely welcoming and understanding of the fact that they live in a special place and people are going to want to come and see it.Seaweed Farmers on Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia Seaweed Farmers on Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia

Accommodation on Lembongan runs the gamut from cheap backpackery guest houses to over the top upscale luxury. I splurged and stayed in a place on the high side of mid-range for about $60 a night. For this I got a simple room with an outdoor Balinese style outdoor bathroom, stunning views of the Indian Ocean and full use of the infinity pool. The hotel had a great mix of International clientele, a good restaurant and music on the sound system that just begs you to stay, relax and have another cocktail.

Infinity Pool at Dream Beach Bungalows

I had only booked two nights on Lembongan and there was no room at the inn after that. It is a brilliant place and I know I will be back.

This video was taken about 100 meters from Dream Beach at a place called “Devil’s Tear”.

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