London, here we come! (but, we need more money for ActionAid)

We Completed the Taipei Half-Marathon!

We Completed the Taipei Half-Marathon!

It is now NINE DAYS until April 24, 2016, when Sarah and I are running the London Marathon for one of our favorite charities, ActionAid. We have our flights booked, our running bibs are on the way and our shoes are properly broken in. There is even a big party planned at the Directors Institute on Pall Mall to celebrate finishing (and you are invited). Everything is in place except we are a bit behind on the fund raising. Please, check out all the good that ActionAid does worldwide and, if you can afford it, please click here to help us by making a donation to ActionAid.

Two weeks ago Sarah and I returned from a month traveling around Taiwan. I didn’t know what to expect, but Taiwan turns out to be an incredible place, possessed of beautiful scenery and populated by some of the nicest and most helpful people I have met anywhere. It was a place we both wanted to see, in fact we have put it in consideration for a place to possibly live one day (more on that later), but we had other reasons to go to Taiwan. We wanted to continue our marathon training in cooler weather.

I know traveling someplace to athletically train makes us sound like better athletes than we are (more like pampered show-ponies), but to be honest, the opposite is true. We wanted – make that needed – to have better weather if we wanted to efficiently get in our training runs. Running in 90-plus-degree heat of Laos (105 degrees is the high for today) isn’t only hard on the body, it is hard on the mind. We aren’t masochists. We are just a couple of people who took on a challenge and are raising money for one of our favorite charities that has agreed to sponsor us. Taiwan allowed us to stay motivated and not have to worry so much about heat stroke (and potholes, and stray dogs, and crazy traffic).

Actually while we were in Taiwan we ran two half-marathons, one sanctioned and one on our own, and we even had a handful of days where, with running combined with cross-training, we exceeded marathon distances already. Taiwan put London firmly in our grasp and gave us the confidence to know that we will finish this.

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Author: Jonathan Look

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