Sunflowers of Lopburi

Sunflower Field Lopburi

Every year from November to February the Thailand sunflowers put on a festival of sorts. All the way from Mae Hong Son in the north to south of Bangkok these big-headed beauties raise their faces to the sun. Off the tourist trail near Lopburi, not far from Bangkok, is the most famous sunflower filed in Lopburi. Since Sunflowers can grow in dry conditions farmers often plant their fields with them instead of corn. It is believed that Sunflowers were first domesticated in what is now the Southeastern US, roughly 5000 years ago, there is now evidence that it may have been first domesticated in Mexico as far back as 2600 BC.One thing for sure, they aren’t just in Kansas anymore as the Lopburi Sunflower fields attest.

Giant Sunflowers in Field near Lopburi, Thailand.

Giant Sunflowers in Field near Lopburi, Thailand.

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