One of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world and the largest city in Southern Italy. Naples is a fascinating, chaotic place to visit, but is it possible to see Naples in a day?.

If you have only one day to visit, we have put together a list of top things to do in Naples. So start with a cup of strong coffee, make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes (Naples is best explored on foot!) and get ready to embrace the madness that is Naples.

Top Things To Do In Naples, Italy

Visit The National Archaeological Museum

Museum buffs will be spoilt for choice, but if you only one day in Naples, then we recommend the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Located in an impressive 17th-century house in the heart of the city. Here you will find what’s considered the world’s best ancient Greco-Roman artifacts. There’s some cool Pompeii frescoes and mosaics. And don’t forget to visit the secret room, if you want to see some ancient erotica from Pompeii.

One a day in Naples You can See Frescoes from Pompeii
Some of the Tamer Erotic Art in the “Gabinetto Segreto” at National Archaeological Museum of Naples

From here, it’s just a short walk to Via San Gregorio Armeno. This narrow cobbled street is filled with artisan workshops producing nativity scenes. Yes, it’s Christmas every day in Naples on this street and not surprisingly gets really busy in December. It was pretty busy when we were there too. There were also some unusual tourist gifts too – would you like toilet paper with your ‘favourite’ politician’s face on it or some lucky chili pepper?

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Seeing the Nativity Scenes Along Via San Gregorio Armeno is ne of the top things to do in Naples
Nativity Scenes Along Via San Gregorio Armeno

See Naples Cathedral

A ten-minute walk will bring you to Naples Cathedral. Inside the church is a small vial of blood from the city’s patron saint, Saint Gennaro. His blood is brought out twice a year on the first Saturday of May and on his saint day, the 19th September, when the ‘miracle of the blood’ occurs, and the dried blood liquefies. Legend has it that if the blood fails to liquefy, then disaster will befall Naples!

Picture of Naples Cathedral A Must See If You Have to Do Naples in a Day
The Ceiling of Naples Cathedral

Walk Down Spaccanapoli

Just five minutes from the Cathedral is Spaccanoli. This narrow cobbled street which stretches for two kilometers through the heart of Naples old city is filled with cute shops, cafes and small eateries. It’s a fabulous place for people watching, and exploring the side streets. Be sure to try the local pizza, you know it’s great when you see massive queues of locals waiting outside. Or we can recommend a hole in the wall, pasta and seafood place, Pescheria Azzurra, if you are getting burnt out on pizza.

If You only Have A Day in Naples, try the pizza. Here is a picture of Neapolitans waiting for it.
The Neapolitans Love Their PIzza and WIll Wait in Line For It

Top Tips Seeing Naples in A Day

  1. Wear comfy shoes – Naples is a city best explored on foot but don’t worry, they do have a metro system.
  2. Be careful when crossing the streets, the driving here is crazy, watch out especially for the motorbikes.
  3. Keep an eye on your belongings at all time, there are pickpockets but don’t be paranoid.
  4. Enjoy
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