Orquídeas Moxviquil

The Greenhouse at Orquídeas Moxviquil

The Greenhouse at Orquídeas Moxviquil

Located in San Cristobal de las Casas, Orquídeas Moxviquil was established to preserve the amazing beauty and diversity of the flora of Chiapas, Mexico. OM currently hosts over 600 species of orchids, cactus, bromeliads, ferns and other plants. It is the brainchild of Craig Robert Dietz, aka “Cisco” who was distressed to discover that orchids and other epiphytes, which were being dumped and burned as garbage in the process of clearing the forests of Chiapas. He also found some orchids were being removed for illegal commercial sales. In 1994 he established Orquídeas Moxviquil to preserve the plants and educate the public as to why they are a valuable resource.

Only ten minutes from the center of San Cristobal the preserve also protects 100 hectares of oak forests. There are great walking trails with beautiful views of the city, an amphitheater, beautiful works of modern sculpture and a unique greenhouse designed to reproduce the environment of Jovel Valley wetlands. In addition over 150 different bird species of birds, many of them endangered have been observed on the property. I first visited OM during the dry season and just recently in the heart of the wet season. Although beautiful both times the change was striking. Orquídeas Moxviquil is a great place to take a picnic and have a wonderful, natural experience very near the city.Inside the Greenhouse at Orquídeas MoxviquilOrchids at Orquídeas MoxviquilOrchids at Orquídeas MoxviquilOrchids at Orquídeas Moxviquil

Flowers at Orquídeas Moxviquil, Chiapas, Mexico

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