Sarah’s Thai Spa Adventure

I love Thai massage, no not that happy ending kind of massage but the fabulous traditional, sometimes painful, slightly tortuous massage that’s like doing yoga but without the effort. I never need much of an excuse to have a massage, oh look I have an hour free between classes, let’s have a foot massage or it’s so hot or so rainy outside, let’s have a massage.

So having done my first almost half marathon in Bangkok, well my body was screaming for a massage. Well, whether I had run or not, my body would be screaming for a massage but that’s another story. So anyway after the run, Jonathan and I checked in to the lovely Peninsula Hotel and lo and behold it has a spa, not just any old spa but the most gorgeous amazing spa ever, and trust me I have been to a lot of spas. The Peninsula Bangkok Spa offered us the experience as their guest, so what’s a girl to do?

Spa Suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok

Spa Suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok

So the next morning, clad in our fancy Peninsula Hotel robes and slippers, we tottered down to the spa. From the moment, we walked through the doors, we stepped into a different world. This was no longer Bangkok, this was well, the Lanna style made it look like a very elegant Chiang Mai actually. Anyway a smiling attendant led us to our deluxe private spa suite, where we sipped on fresh coconut juice, tried the steam room for a few minutes before we slipped into our Jacuzzi made for two. Through the window, we could watch the boats coming and going on the Chao Praya River, life was good and the massage hadn’t even begun yet.

Thirty minutes later we changed into our massage undies, two masseuses entered the room and we got to pick out our aromatherapy oils. I chose the one for soothing muscle pain and Jonathan chose the detox oil, (not one to gossip but I think he may have toasted our run a little bit too much the night before.)

Lanna Style Lantern Corridor Entrance at the Peninsula Hotel Spa

Lanna Style Lantern Corridor Entrance at the Peninsula Hotel Spa

What’s to say? Within seconds the girls had climbed on our backs and were pushing and pulling our bodies into all kinds of positions. It was one of the best massages ever, I felt reborn. Jon had a smile on his face too, not sure if that was from his awesome massage or having a beautiful Thai lady climbing over his body. Probably both!

We loved the experience. Yes, it is certainly more expensive than a street massage but the ambiance, the massage and the “because I’m worth it factor” made it an amazing treat. It was among the best massages I have had anywhere in the world and I have certainly had a lot of massages.

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Author: Sarah Wilson

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