Photo: Cité de Carcassonne, France

The Medieval Walled City of Carcassone, France

The Medieval Walled City of Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne, France is famous for the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cité de Carcassonne, a medieval fortress and walled city located in the south of France. Its strategic location on the Aude plain, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, has made it a famous stop on the trade routes since neolithic era.

Sarah and I stopped here on our house hunting trip in Portugal, and it gave me another chance to try out my new DJI Mavic drone. I was even able to fly the drone from the balcony of our hotel just outside of Carcassonne. There were some great restaurants within the city walls and it was a great place to wander, explore and enjoy a mini-adventure. 

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