Photo: Tigers Nest Monastery in Bhutan

Tiger's Nest Monastery Near Paro, Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest Monastery Near Paro, Bhutan

Tigers Nest is the most sacred monastery in Bhutan and believed to be the place where Buddhism first came to the country. According to legend, Guru Rimpoche flew from Tibet to the cliff side location of Tigers Nest Monastery on the back of a tiger and the place was consecrated to tame the amazing beast.

Locally known as Paro Taktsang (literally “Tiger’s Lair) the monastery is one of the most recognizable sites in Bhutan. We walked the 1,000-foot climb from the 7,000 foot Himalayan valley floor to the monastery in about two hours, including a break at the restaurant near the halfway point. The trails are fairly steep in places and there are some pretty precipitous edges, but it was well worth it to visit such an amazing place.

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