We are going to set up our new home base in Portugal house as a photographic art gallery, and we thought it would be fun to reach out and get as many opinions as possible as to what we should display.

When Sarah and I moved from Laos to Portugal, we left behind everything that was hanging on the walls. Consequently, we are living in a new place, much bigger than expected, and we have a lot of empty space in need of some artwork. Since most of the walls are painted white, and there is a lot of natural light, we decided that now would be a good opportunity to decorate the house like a photographic art gallery and display several of my photos taken from our adventures around the world in large format.

You can see the choices here. There are numbers in the margins of each photo.

What to do About Our Empty Walls

What to do About Our Empty Walls

Depending on how we arrange things, we will need to choose between eight to twelve pieces for display. We have sat down and come up with about 100 possibilities but are having trouble narrowing it down. Every time we go through the catalog, our choices seem to grow.

The photos have been taken over the last five years from all over the world. We would like to have some geographic diversity and a variety of the types of images, but the flow is important as well. We would also like for the images to be conversation starters.

If you are up for it, please have a look at the photographs here, or on Facebook, and let us know which you think we should use. We not only want to decorate the new place but to also celebrate our travels. The images are individually numbered. We will take comments, thumbs up or whatever into account that helps us make our decision.

This link will take you directly to a photo gallery page with all the images

I will do an update once the vote is in and the photos are on the walls.

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