Portugal: A New Chapter in Life Part 2

You might have noticed that it has been a while since I have posted blogs about the retirement adventure. It isn’t that there aren’t any new tales to tell, it is that Sarah and I have been so active making plans and living the life that we are just now beginning to get caught up. Oh, and we moved to Portugal (along with our grumpy cat Biscuit and Angel, the slightly neurotic Thai street dog)!

Home by the Sea in Portugal

Our New Home by the Sea in Portugal

Last year, while Sarah and I were walking the Camino de Santiago, we got to discussing where we wanted to continue the retirement adventure after we left our home Vientiane, Laos. We considered other locations in Asia. We weighed the pros and cons of going to South America. Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific were all under consideration as we explored the possibilities. Then it occurred to us; we were loving walking in Europe, why not consider something here?

Neither Sarah or I can articulate precisely why we choose Portugal. It had been a few decades since either of us had been here. We didn’t know anyone living in Portugal when we made the decision to move here. We had read the numerous articles in various travel magazines and newspaper travel sections about the charms of Portugal, but when the idea came up, we almost immediately made plans to visit so we could explore different areas of the country and, if the stars all aligned, rent a place to return to.

After checking airfares, we found that we could fly into Paris from SE Asia for about half of what it would cost us to fly into Lisbon or Porto. We also found some astonishingly good car rental deals out of Charles DeGaulle airport, so we decided to expand our house hunting trip into a mini-adventure road trip and explore a bit of France and Spain before we arrived into Portugal.

Celebrating Sarah's Birthday with our first Beach Picnic at out new home.

Celebrating Sarah’s Birthday with our first Beach Picnic at out new home.

I will get to some more detail about the journey soon, but there is too much information to cover in this blog post. I also created many photographs on the explore, and I even purchased a new drone to capture this new phase of our travels from above. In future blog posts, I will also share the tale about how we found our place to rent on the Portuguese coast not far from Lisbon, how we moved our stuff from continent to continent without movers, and Sarah is writing a diary on how she imported our dog and cat to Portugal from Asia.

But, for now, I just wanted everyone to know that we will be continuing, and growing, the retirement travel adventure from Portugal!

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Author: Jonathan Look

In 2011 Jonathan Look decided to change his life and pursue adventures instead of comfort and possessions. His goal is to travel the world solo; one country at a time, one year at a time. To accomplish this he got rid of most of his possessions, packed up what little he saw as necessities and headed out. His goal is to spend ten years discovering new places, meeting new people and taking the time to learn about them, their values and their place on this tiny planet. He embraces the philosophy that says a person is the sum of their experiences and rejects the fraud of modern consumerism that makes people into slaves of their consumption. He doesn't intend to be modern day ascetic, just more mindful of his place in the world and to make decisions according to that new standard.

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