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Pad Thai Wrapped in an Egg ParcelPad Thai is probably the most famous dish in Thai cuisine and I don’t normally associate it with street food but, there is a place in Bangkok’s old district of Phra Nakorn, not far from the Giant Red Swing in Chinatown, about a 10 minute walk from Khao San Road that challenges that association. The Thip Samai restaurant is justifiably famous for its specialty, Pad Thai cooked on the streets in woks heated with charcoal. The place opens at 5PM and even though they must have 8 woks going at a time the lines begin growing throughout the evening.

Thip Samani may make only one dish but it does it very well. I opted for the version that comes served in a delicate egg parcel. The noodles were perfectly cooked and mixed with decadently fat shrimp, green onions, fish sauce and other flavors. I added red chile flakes, lime juice and of course, peanuts into mine. It was mouthwatering. It was so good in fact that at about $2.40 a serving, I had two!

Cooking Pad Thai over Charcoal in Bangkok



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