Thailand National Elephant Day

Elephants on ParadeElephants have played an important role in the history of Thailand and March 13th is has been set aside as National Elephant Day. For thousands of years elephants have been used for transportation, to help with logging and even as instruments of war.

Elephants eating a buffet on National Elephant Day in ThailandElephant FoodA Mahout at National Elephant DayToday the over 50 elephants at the Mae Sa Elephant Camp near Chiang Mai were treated to a day off and an “Elephant Buffet”. It was funny to watch these giants gorge themselves on tons of pineapples, bunches of bananas, watermelons and sugar cane. Many got so stuffed they got sleepy and started resting their heads on the buffet tables.

Mahouts Enjoying a BreakEven the mahouts got to have an easy day and some treats. Good fun and a nice mini-adventure.

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Author: Jonathan Look

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