The Retirement Travel Adventure Now On Vine!

A few months ago I had not even heard of the social network / video-sharing app called Vine. Now it seems like Vine videos are popping up everywhere. I wish I had discovered it sooner. Vine is the perfect platform/app for sharing very short snippets from some of my travel adventures and maybe even just some interesting tidbits. Since Vine videos are only six seconds long, there really isn’t a lot of time invested to have a look.

This is a post of some of the videos I have posted so far. Please let me know in the comments which of these is your favorite and if you think Vine is a viable way to continue sharing pieces of rough-cut video. I plan to start/continue doing longer travel videos and but this seems like a great way to share the retirement adventure in a more immediate way.

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Author: Jonathan Look

In 2011 Jonathan Look decided to change his life and pursue adventures instead of comfort and possessions. His goal is to travel the world solo; one country at a time, one year at a time. To accomplish this he got rid of most of his possessions, packed up what little he saw as necessities and headed out. His goal is to spend ten years discovering new places, meeting new people and taking the time to learn about them, their values and their place on this tiny planet. He embraces the philosophy that says a person is the sum of their experiences and rejects the fraud of modern consumerism that makes people into slaves of their consumption. He doesn't intend to be modern day ascetic, just more mindful of his place in the world and to make decisions according to that new standard.

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