Homemade Cuban Boat in Xcalak, Mexico

Homemade Cuban Boat in Xcalak, Mexico

XCALAK: The ultimate Mexican Caribbean, next land, Belize.
Small drinking pueblo with a fishing problem.
Possibly 350 – 400 souls not including assorted motley Gringo’s.

MAHAHUAL:- Cruise ship destination, Costa Maya.
Destined to be the next Playa del Carmen.
Used to be as above.

A short explanation, I live in Xcalak. Just 60 kilometers north, up the beach, is what was another small fishing village, Mahahual, until 5 or 6 years ago. Cozumel and Playa del Carmen bring in big money for Mexico being cruise ship destinations so they made another, the Costa Maya.

Our little pueblo doesn’t really change, there is nothing here. We do have electricity now and they have run the pipes for Agua Potable. We have Internet but still no phones and definitely no cell phones. I have been here for 10 years and I really wouldn’t want to live “up North”, I just couldn’t resist writing this piece about the Xcalak Cruise ship!

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Early in September, we had this cruise ship arrive in Xcalak. We have no idea how many passengers were on this voyage or what their itinerary was except, we know it came from Cuba, we know there weren’t unlimited meals and drink provided, and there was no need to dress for the Captains dinner.

How lucky are we that we don’t have to do desperate and dangerous things to get somewhere to live as we are, free. Imagine getting into that boat, (we are guessing at 10 souls) and setting off for? There was luggage left behind, plastic shopping bags of clothes! The captain navigated the cut in the reef, maybe the “million dollar” boat that is still stuck on it was a good marker buoy. They arrived in the night and nobody saw or heard anything.

Polly from Xcalak.

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