I help people plan for their retirement

Most people I talk to just presume the government or their 401k will take care of them when the time comes. But the truth is these systems are failing to provide a source of income that is compatible with a quality lifestyle. I want to show you what you can do about that.

James Holland

James @lifepart2

My mission is to help you better plan for your permanent holiday.

"Since getting to know James he has opened my eyes to possibilities around financial planning and early retirement. For the last few years I have made it my mission to retire early with a comfortable income. I contribute my thoughts here on LifePart2.com"

Tom Kelly


What to expect?

The subject can be daunting, especially if you feel you have neglected this topic for too long.

Never too late

Some people feel that they have left it too late and they can never catch up on the lost compound interest potential. It's true that this is a disadvantage. But we can always improve the situation.


To financially plan for your future you first must understand now it all works. The economic system that turns so everyone can retire.

Decision making

The most important step is to make educated decisions. After reading our posts you will be better placed to set yourself up financially.

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About James Holland

For a few decades now I have been obsessed with my retirement security & the possibility of early retirement. For years as I told my friends about what I was learning about, what I was doing, what steps I was taking, I consistently heard - 'you should set up a consultancy business'. After retirement I set up this website to help people follow the same path I did.