My name is James Holland and welcome to my website where I will be advising people how to plan for and execute their retirement plans.

Life doesn't end at retirement, part 2 starts.

I will be focusing mostly on the financial planning aspect of it but will occasionally mention activities, leisure, traveling, health etc.

Stay tuned for more content.

How to retire successfully?

This is the question we should all be asking ourselves and the biggest misconception is that its a question that waits until you're in your 50s. This is wrong, you should be asking yourself this question in your 20s (or before if you're more focused). I am not advocating for giving up your youth, no, but merely fitting your retirement into your life plan. Things like, how much should I be saving, how much should I be investing, what do I invest in, where should I live when I retire, can I travel when I retire, where should I travel to. All of the former are great questions to be asking yourself.

Stay with me along my journey and I will be giving my opinion on all these questions and more.